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The Organ Grinder's Gazette

Recordist weblog with up to date news, announcements, etc.


T.O.G.G. Archive

archive of The Organ Grinder's Gazette


Recordism Discussion Group

a forum for the discussion of Recordism and related ideas at Yahoogroups


Recordism Facebook Page

join us on Facebook


W.A.Davison Youtube Channel

various Recordist-related video clips


Disembraining Songs

Recordist record label (Soundcloud profile)


Emunctory of Dreams Press

Recordist small press


Songs of the New Erotics

experimental music and performance art project


Six Heads

free improv surrealist sound collage group



electroacoustic surf waffle and emergency toilet diaphragm (with Dada membrane!)


Moth Moth

online graphzine tumblelog edited by W.A.Davison


North Mutator

Recordist-related drawing collective


Halloween Island

blog for collective drawings, writings, etc. by Recordists and friends


W.A.Davison - Portfolio

visual art by W.A.Davison


W.A.Davison - Curriculum Vitae

CVs for visual art, performance art, audio, film/video, writing + bio


Noise Music Noisic

experimental music by W.A.Davison


S.Higgins Photomontages

a page of photomontages by Sherri Lyn Higgins



some Myspace pages we've abandoned:



a few under-utilized portfolio pages:



Apologies for the mess, our web presence is a bit disorganized right now. Some of our old websites have been removed, others are in serious need of updating. In some cases, we are transitioning from old style websites to Web 2.0/social networking formats (with some trial and error involved in finding the services that best suit our needs).

Please bear with us while we metamorphose from our awkward, hideous larval stage into something even more awkward and hideous!

- The Recordists (W.A.Davison and S.Higgins), Sept. 2011

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