The Organ Grinder's Gazette

I.B.R.I. Bulletin #1


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The Organ Grinder's Gazette (I.B.R.I. Bulletin #1) was published by Emunctory of Dreams Press on Jan. 3, 1999. It was written and designed by W.A.Davison with contributions and assistance from S.Higgins. It was printed as a double-sided b+w photocopy on 8.5" X 14" paper and had a very small print run (under 150 copies total in several printings). The images above give an idea of the layout and overall look of the bulletin. A web approximation of the bulletin, including the full text and original images, exists on this site and is accessible by clicking the links above. Please remember that some information such as web, e-mail, and postal addresses may be out of date.


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