The First Recordist Improvisational Cinema

presented by Pleasure Dome and the Dept. Of Recordist Film And Video (a division of the International Bureau of Recordist investigation under the direction of W.A.Davison)

Through the application of chance and automatic processes, projectionists Martin Heath and Jonathon Pollard will create a one-hour Recordist/Surrealist film through the real-time manipulation (montage/collage) of random selections from a number of b&w silent classics while an ensemble of some of Toronto's finest improvising musicians and audio experimenters (members of the Rust Bros., the Woodchopper's Assoc., Urban Refuse Group and others) provides an amazing improvised soundtrack!

9pm, Feb. 18th, 2000
Latvian House, 491 College St.

admission is $5 or $2 for Pleasure Dome members ($10 for seasonal membership)

also appearing - Super-8 filmmaker/performer John Porter!

Thanks for joining us! Next issue, look for news of recent and upcoming activities, project updates, etc. plus more visual art, word art, and whatnot (as well as our usual long list of thankyous which we've omitted this issue due to space constraints). Unless we decide to do an "all games issue"...hmmm, yeah that would be good, or maybe...

Our title this issue: the odd, somewhat alchemical phrase "Tarred Eggs Entering Azoth" is a perfect anagram (minus the apostrophe) for "The Organ Grinder's Gazette", our original title.

Contact us at:

253 College St., Unit 149
Toronto, Ont., M5T 1R5
Ph: (416) 588-7539

Copyright for all material is retained by the contributors. Published by Emunctory of Dreams Press, 2000


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