mini-comic by W.A.Davison

Volcano cover

W.A.Davison's "Volcano" was originally self-published in 1990 in an extremely small run (exact numbers unknown, probably less than 50 copies). It was printed (rather sloppily) on an office photocopier, while the boss wasn't looking, from a hand-drawn original. In classic mini-comic style, it was printed as a double-sided b+w photocopy on white 8.5" X 11" paper, folded to make an eight page booklet.

In Fall of 2005, EOD Press released an updated version of "Volcano". Although still reproduced as a photocopy, this new version is far superior to the original. The artwork has been digitally cleaned up and is considerably cleaner and sharper than the original. In addition to the 8 interior black+white pages, the book now also includes a black+red wraparound cover with the new EOD Press logo printed on the back.

Ordering info for the new edition of "Volcano" can be found here (note: "Volcano" includes some adult content. Parents be warned!)


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