Excerpt from "Emotional Entrapment Of Sound And The Pleasures Of Noise" by Shibek, Hydrolith: Surrealist Research and Investigations, Oyster Moon Press, 2010:

"Others manifesting a surrealist and pro-noise outlook within sound include Six Heads, Criadero En Seres, and Qkcofse. William Davison in Toronto has been playing experimental music since the 1980s, but in 2000 he and Sherri Lyn Higgins, James Bailey, Linda Feesey, Colin Hinz and Pete Mosher formed Six Heads to focus on a more surrealist orientation. They pursue 'exploration of audio surrealism via improvisation, sound collage, experimental instruments and approaches'. Davison maintains Disembraining Songs, a Recordist/surrealist label. To confirm that noise does not always require electricity, Six Heads sponsored a 'noise picnic' in Toronto where the public was invited to bring acoustic and battery powered devices and join in."