Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions

Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions video cover

Working under the name Songs of the New Erotics (an ongoing experimental music and performance art project), W.A.Davison created a VHS video album entitled "Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions" which was released in 1994 on the Disembraining Songs experimental music label. The tape consists of seven short films of an ambiguous and surreal nature with accompanying musique-concrete soundtracks (also by S.O.T.N.E.). Despite being created on low-tech home video and audio equipment, the films display a surprisingly sophisticated and rigourously applied aesthetic.

The films included on "Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions" are "Half-Light", "...night approached on rusty wheels. Outside we heard the drone of the enigines...", "Origami Meat Play", "And Sleep...", "I've built this what?", "Les Archives Calcinees", and "Play for a Sealed Room". Each film uses a variety of experimental techniques (shot on Super-8 film or 8mm video) including animation of people and objects, rephotographed projections, extreme colour and contrast shifts, manipulation of appropriated imagery, puppetry, intentional video degradation, speed shifts in film and video playback, backwards projection, painted film, macrophotography, and in-camera edits (including dissolves on Super-8 film!). The soundtracks were created mostly on four-track cassette and other home studio equipment and each soundtrack, composed after the final edit of the film, was designed both to enhance the mood of the visuals and to suggest another level of possible meaning.

Aside from being sold to individual collectors, most of the films of "Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions" have been screened publicly numerous times. "Origami Meat Play" in particular has made several appearances at international festivals, including the "Nursery Injection Festival" in Sweden (1998) and "Archeologie Du Neoisme" in Quebec (1999). "Origami Meat Play" was also included on the video compilation "Macrocephalous Compost 2" put out by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe in 1995 (and soon to be rereleased on DVD).

Although Songs of the New Erotics is mostly solo, the project does include occasional collaborators. The film "Les Archives Calcinees", included on the "Broadcasts..." video, employs the collage work of French artist Francoise Duvivier, and the film's title is also borrowed from Francoise's work. As well, several other films on "Broadcasts..." include contributions from Davison's partner S.Higgins.

"Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions" is still available for purchase from Disembraining Songs. For ordering information visit the Disembraining Songs website.


"Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions"
film stills and clips

image from "Half-Light" video



image from "...night approached..." video

"...night approached on rusty wheels. Outside we heard the drone of the engines..."


image from "Origami Meat Play" video

"Origami Meat Play"
(video clip, Quicktime, 20 sec., approx. 1M)


image from "And Sleep..." video

"And Sleep..."


image from "I've built this thing..." video

"I've built this what?"


image from "Les Archives Calcinees" video

"Les Archives Calcinees"
featuring the collages of Francoise Duvivier
(video clip, Quicktime, 20 sec., approx. 1.5M)


image from "...Sealed Room" video

"Play for a Sealed Room"