"Acrid Maltreats" cover art

cover collage by W.A.Davison, 2007


"Acrid Maltreats"* is a "sound source" release which means that it's a collection of audio clips released under a creative commons license for use by other artists in sampling, looping, etc. It also sort of works as a "cut-up" if you listen to the release straight through. It was put out by the Italian label Radical Matters in 2007 as part of their "web editions" and is available for free download here.

Here's a copy of the liner notes accompanying the release:

"Acrid Maltreats"

A very short cut-up album maybe
- OR -
43 audio clips for sampling and looping

Performed, composed, arranged, deranged, edited, processed, mutilated, etc. by W.A.Davison at Buried Sun studio, Toronto, Jan. - Mar. 2007 (based on material recorded Feb. 2006). Original audio material provided by William Davison, Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman, Michelangelo Iaffaldano, Adriana Monti, Sherri Lyn Higgins, Steve Venright, John McCullough, Marnie Parrell, Colin Hinz, Pete Mosher, Linda Feesey, Jim Bailey, and assorted found recordings.
Note: If you intend to burn these tracks to CD for listening to as a "composition", feel free to experiment with the track order. Our only suggestion is that you remove any silences between tracks (i.e. a pause of zero seconds).
Many thanks to my collaborators and to Sandro Gronchi/Radical Matters!
Further information on Songs of the New Erotics can be found at www.recordism.com


* "Acrid Maltreats" is an anagram for "Radical Matters"