Without a doubt, Songs of the New Erotics has maintained a particularly low profile over the years, even by underground music standards. Aside from the project's stalwart position on the fringes of experimental weirdness, the main reason for this is a general lack of releases. Almost 15 years into the project and the vast majority of S.O.T.N.E. material remains unreleased and unheard except in live performances (and even then, rarely outside of the group's native Toronto). The actual recorded output of the group boils down to a handful of mid-90's cassette and CD compilations, the "Macrocephalous Compost 2" video compilation, and the "Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions" video album. Still...somehow, the project has achieved at least a modicum of notoriety in experimental music circles. We'd like to believe this is a matter of quality over quantity!

With so few recordings available, one might think a "discography" would be a simple matter. If only it were true! The relative obscurity of many of the compilation appearances, coupled with our own general lack of organization (compounded over many years), make such a task stupidly difficult! So, like everything here, this discography is a work in progress.

For now, we will list what info we have managed to find and we will continue rummaging through the archive, digging out old cassettes and whatnot, and updating this list as often as we can. Newer recordings will of course be listed here as well.

In addition to the short description following each title, you may follow the links on this page for more detailed information, liner notes, photos, album covers and so on. We may also have MP3 versions of some of these tracks on this page.


Full - Lengths

Acrid Maltreats - web release on the Italian label Radical Matters, 2007.

Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions - 50+ minute VHS video album released by Disembraining Songs, Canada, 1994. Includes the short films "Half-light" "...night approached on rusty wheels. Outside we heard the drone of the engines..." "Origami Meat Play" "And Sleep..." "I've built this thing...now what?" "Les Archives Calcinees" and "Play for a Sealed Room".

While The Architect Was Sleeping - 46 minute CD-R released by Disembraining Songs, Canada, 2005.

Bobby - 20 minute 3" CD-R released by Disembraining Songs, Canada, 2006.


Compilation Appearances

Origami Meat Play - S.O.T.N.E. video piece released on the "Macrocephalous Compost 2" VHS video compilation, Old Europa Cafe, Italy, 1995. "Origami Meat Play" was originally released on "Broadcasts and Solar Interruptions".

Altercation In A Petri Dish - released on "Art Sickness 1" cassette compilation, Sculpturesque Productions, Canada, 1996. This track is unavailable elsewhere. In the cassette liner notes, the track is mistakenly labeled as "Alteration In A Petri Dish".

Why Should Love Resemble A Cushion? - released on the "Instrumental Compilation 1" cassette, Plan Eleven, Canada, 1996. This track is unavailable elsewhere.

Somewhere A Blister Is Breaking - released on the "Multipurpose Saws" compilation CD, Musicus Phycus, Canada, 1997. This track is unavailable elsewhere.

Shadows and Subterfuge - two excerpts from this live performance recording were released on the "Drones, Thrones and Autognomes" cassette compilation which featured live recordings from a concert of the same name held at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 1997. These S.O.T.N.E. tracks are unavailable elsewhere. The cassette was released by Mutant Cactus Recordings, Canada, 1998.

Sour Flies - one-second track on upcoming compilation "Sloppy Seconds" to be released by Obscurica.



A Small Beam Of Light Against A Mirror - 30-minute radio art piece commissioned by James Bailey for his radio program "Electric Storm/A Missing Sense" and aired on CKLN Radio, Toronto, May 22, 2005. As yet unreleased.