The following thumbnail images present a chronological listing (left to right, top to bottom) of select S.O.T.N.E. performances from 1993 to 2010. Click the images to find more information on each performance. This archive is a work in progress and much more will be added as time permits.


Misery Bag thumbnail Merzkopf thumbnail Manifesto thumbnail

The Misery Bag:
Ergotic Concert No. 1


Recordist Manifesto
In Memory Of The Engines

Nonsense thumbnail Anti-Child thumbnail Killer thumbnail

Nonsense Companions

The Anti-Child
of Recordist Performance
and a Lighted Cavern

Speech of the
Eternal Killer

Baron thumbnail Kook thumbnail Science thumbnail

Baron Brainscapes

Kook Dance
at X Hundred Feet

A Poetry Found
In The Dark Edges
Of Science

Gifts thumbnail Lovers thumbnail DU(BU)ET thumbnail

Tiny Gifts

The Lovers


  Japanese Ghosts thumbnail  

Japanese Ghosts


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