"Some of the most interesting courses weren't courses at all but creative events or experiments. Every Tuesday at 9:23 pm sharp the International Bureau of Recordist Investigation gathered for excursions in their particular type of mayhem. The Recordists promised and often delivered: "A weekly meeting, open to those with an interest in Recordism, Surrealism, and other currents of the Fantastic and the Absurd in contemporary art and culture (and spirituality, and politics, etc., etc.), for the exploration of those topics via discussion, presentations, game- playing and other collective activities, and general nonsense and tom-foolery." One Recordist evening consisted entirely of a fellow cutting his way out of a cardboard box. Eyebrows were raised throughout the space when one of the Recordists' mummies turned up in the basement. The mummy proved popular, however, eventually garnering its own wardrobe and securing a privileged place in the front window."

Dr. Jeff Shantz, Constructive Anarchy - Building Infrastructutres Of Resistance, Routledge, UK/USA, 2016 (originally published by Ashgate Publishing, 2010)


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