Six Heads - Information
  • Name of project: Six Heads. Also known as The Burning of Bridges Band, The Blinding of Mice Band, The Appearance of Hairs Band, The Stuffing of Sausages Band, The Hint of Unpleasantness Band, The Pathology of Boredom Band, The Blackening of Eyes Band, The Cage of Reason Band, The Draining of Bogs Band, The Departing of Moths Band, The Unraveling of Bandages Band, etc.
  • Formed: Feb. 2000.
  • Based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Number of heads: six.
  • Members: James Bailey, William Davison, Linda Feesey, Sherri Lyn Higgins, Colin Hinz, Pete Mosher.
  • Purpose: exploration of audio surrealism via improvisation, sound collage, experimental instruments and approaches.
  • Have disturbed to the point of producing sound a wide variety of "instruments" such as The Ossington Berimbau, File Box Harp, singing saw, Contact-Mic Kalimba, The Nice Device, The Not-So-Nice Device, metal ductwork, circuit-bent electronics, human voice, balloons, rubber bands, electric guitar, tapes, vinyl LPs, electronic keyboards, toys, various percussion instruments, scrap metal, Elbow-Bracket Percussion, piezos, Nagoya Harp, Good Morning Teacher, exit sign, corona wire, monkey frog, pitch pipe, Meccano devices, flower pot, Wurlitzer Organ, digital delay, Electro-Comb Guitar, Spring Board, violin, Whistling Hose, amplified tin, tape recorders, Rotary Club 2, crown sprocket, telephone switchboard, magic lantern, Meccano Turntable, Meccano Turntable 2, underwater devices, whistles, Silicon Valley Bell, copper pipe, styrofoam, Old Bendy, The Feesecaster, alarm clock, electronic horse head, junk bells, triangles, thumb piano, Pipe Drum, bowed cymbals, Rinklebom, egg slicer, tuning forks, squawk tube, voice changer, refrigerator grill, electronic percussion, One Of Those Only Smaller, Box O' 19's, 22 X 192 (Yellow), crushed pop can, aquarium pump, glass bowl (with water), Muttering Drum, Black Box, ocarina, harmonica, street-cleaner tynes, accidental radio, Lyre Lyre, kazoo, metal tube, destroyed accordian, button matrix, tables and chairs, HP #201-C Audio Oscillator, shortwave radio, psaltery, aluminum pie plates, Court King guitar, dancing sneakers, Oon, Meccano Chatterbox, vintage Kendall Motor Oil sign, crowbar, bubblewrap, B.U.R.T., recorder, water, bowed plastic, Speak and Spell, train whistle, Vertical Turntable, water gong, rake, ping pong ball, melodica, Nog Nister, Nog Junior, small wooden box, etc.
  • Record monthly at their jam space The Headquarters in downtown Toronto.
  • Live performances are rare but have included appearances at Mike Gennaro's Aleph Null series, Eugene Martynec's Sunday Series, New Works Studio, The Now Lounge, Ontario College of Art and Design, The Drake Underground, the Ambient Ping, and Electric Eclectics Festival.
  • Produced a collaborative performance with Swedish Butoh project SU-EN Butoh Co. (as part of the "7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, Oct. 2000).
  • Appeared on "Electric Storm/A Missing Sense", CKLN Radio, Toronto, June 2002.
  • Appeared on London U.K.'s Resonance FM, July 2003.
  • Six Heads music used to accompany "Secrets of the Arena" dance piece by Dogs In Space, presented at Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists 2004, Toronto.
  • Six Heads "Ether" cassette included in "Leaderless - Underground Cassette Culture Now" exhibition at Printed Matter in New York, 2007
  • Past recordings include "Six Heads or The Appearance of Hairs Band" full-length CD-R on Disembraining Songs, "Small, Rubber Voice from the Spectral Furnace" CD-R ep on Disembraining Songs, "Ether" cassette on Psychform (USA), "The Popeye Scat" cassette on Black Horizons (USA), and "Snuffles" CD-R on Disembraining Songs
  • Developed out of the large-scale and highly anarchic improvised/experimental music collective Urban Refuse Group.
  • More info to come. Check back for further updates.


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