Tarred Eggs Entering Azoth
ISSUE NO. 3, FEB. 15, 2000
ISSN 1481-9147

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Welcome to the third issue of the I.B.R.I. Bulletin! In spite of our publishing schedule going completely to hell, be assured that inside you will find the usual high-quality selection of Recordist oddments guaranteed to confuse and confound you. Hope you enjoy! Following is a list of contents which will be of no help whatsoever!

1. The smell of blue powder (page 1)

2. A cautionary tail (page 1)

3. Small beads of glass on black cloth (page 2)

4. A violent eruption of chocolate (page 3)

5. The inventory of willful harm (page 3)

6. Several fingers (page 4)

7. The spectral sheets need washing (page 16)

8. A troublesome inquiry (page 42)

9. S. Venright trapped in a bag (page million)

10. The ideal society (page millionteen)

11. A punch in the groin (page somewhere)

12. Where sandwiches? (page nowhere)

13. Meat fish! (page missing)

14. A collection of vibrating tendrils (?)

15. Masses of dewdrops gathered by crabs (??)

16. Life in the future (another page)

17. The androgyne's hand (last page)


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