It is not the end of a slender finger. It is not the end of a slender finger. I t is only a whether or not it trips up the smashing glass cake. It only becomes visible in the faint light of refridgerators. I t grate grates again st the gallon oil splinter a dead run in high heels. I came across a map of Recordist _________ wadded and shoved into a crack in the floor. It read lik like a dictionary of erotic qualities assortments of bonbons and torn lingerie. It licked the back of my hand and fell in heaps across the breasts like freshly cut hair. A dark stain arose in back of my eyes. It flung a corpse from the window and whistled a favorite tune. It dies in the heat but becomes renewed in faded sentences. This is not the end. A slender finger prodded the back of my mouth and found a soft spot to rest. The glue is old and brittle. This is where it becomes something else. I can see a long light that tears holes in the trees. A pinprick away from the answer. Where the definition of monsters form in a cold grey fog, the salt forms in icicles and frothy sea foam tentacles and spines. A spinning disc of living coral sliced across the living room in the broken light of a broken lamp. Its green and grey lungs are all tiny membranes and fluid dropping from the ceilings of this ancient hospital or house I can't quite make out. The licking has started again on the back of my thighs. The licking is not unpleasant but brings shivers of something approaching unseen. The timbers are cracking. This ship is sinking. But what a corpse is rising in the dark stain of the ocean. T' catch a glance from sunken sockets, the sea trees catch fire and dance along the shore

- W.A.Davison, May 30, 1999

From the Dept. Of Recordist Games:


- a variation on the "Question and Answer" game played by the Surrealists (featured in I.B.R.I. Bulletin #2). Each player writes a word on a scrap of paper. The paper is folded to conceal the word. The scraps of paper are traded amongst the players. Each player then writes a "definition" for the hidden word (no peeking!). We play this game often at our weekly meetings and eventually may publish a Recordist Dictionary from the results. Here are some examples from our Jan. 25/00 meeting:

apology - the place where right and left brain meet.

delight - the arrival of several cars at an abandoned factory.

drinking straw - a barely audible whisper.

full moon - an unsuccessful mounting.

ovulation - an incomplete thought.

pen - a long, pointy wig.

umbrella - a jelly-like substance.

weather vane - an awkward moment in an elevator.

(the players: S. Andreyev, J. Bailey, J. Clement, W. Davison, S. Higgins, D. Morrison, J. Munroe, R. Worrell)



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