drawing by W.A.Davison
Drawing by W.A.Davison

today at always 6 o'clock

To Dept. Of Not Neoism:

We acknowledge your short note "A minor correction to Neoist History (?!) of the fairly recent past", printed in W.A.Davison's (aka Bill Satan) recent Bulletin, april 20, 1999.

In response we note that while it's not our problem to define what is a Neoist film and what is not, we included Davison's work in the "Archeology of Neoism" film/video program because he is involved with Neoism?! for a number of years, taking part in activities that were presented in the name of Neoism?!. And we all know that once you do something in the name of Neoism?! you'll do everything in the name of Neoism?! and you'll become part of Neoism?! forever.

As for using stills from his film for the poster we note that we also know well that "Origami Meat Play" does not represent the term Neoist film at all, and it had nothing to do with the other films and videos shown in the program except that they were all made by people associated with Neoism?!

And finally we add that we don't really care about such academic aspects as graphic representation and we believe that any piece of shit taken, stolen, recycled from any whatever source would have been just as good to represent Neoist film in the event's publicity campaign as was the imagery reprinted from Davison's "Origami Meat Play".

Tomorrow never comes.

- Puppet Government Office of Neoism?!


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