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Green, funny posts are usually round, thin men. As a rule, they are flat, milky structures in which hats or sometimes porous boots are used as the thickening bicycle. Parrot wind machine is also used as a whitening grapefruit. Excellent testicles are mostly accident. They often contain wet cake, to make the balloon feel digestible and willowy. Use this type of air as directed by your head or hair.

- Substitution Text by S.Higgins, J.Bailey, W.A.Davison, April 27, 1999

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At last, The Virtual Bureau Of Recordism!

On Dec. 5th, 1999, the International Bureau of Recordist Investigation made its first official appearance on the World Wide Web with the pub-lication of the "Recordist Anniversary" web-page in celebration of 15 years of Recordist activity! The page also marks the beginning of the Virtual Bureau Of Recordism, I.B.R.I.'s WWW information and networking "office". In addition to the Recordist Anniversary page, the site contains an introduction to the work of Songs of the New Erotics (including photo documentation of S.O.T.N.E. performances). Further content will be added over the course of the next few months. Currently, the site is available at but may be moved to a new location shortly (as we are searching for a more reliable ISP). We will keep you informed of the site's progress and new location. In the meantime, enjoy (and check back often for more exciting developments)!


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