Recordism is an ideospheric mutation of the meme known as Surrealism.

Recordism refers specifically to the act of "recording" - a metaphor for the application of chance and automatism to the creative act. Recordism is both the process of "recording" and the set of ideas which surround and inform that process.

Recordism was found(ed) in Truro, Nova Scotia, Dec. 5, 1984.


The Recordists

The Recordists are a multi-disciplinary art collective based in Toronto, Canada. The collective consists of the artist couple W.A.Davison and S.Higgins along with various friends and collaborators. The group operates largely within the vaguely defined territories of various music and art subcultures, a.k.a. "the underground" - a zone which affords the highest degree of creative freedom. Occasionally, The Recordists also appear in galleries, museums, and other art world contexts. Life is strange.


Points of Departure

1) Dada, Surrealism, The Fantastic.

2) Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Underground, DIY culture. Experimental art, music, film, etc.

3) Magick and the Occult.


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