Recordism is an ideospheric mutation of the meme known as Surrealism.

Recordism refers specifically to the act of "recording" - a metaphor for the application of chance and automatism to the creative act. Recordism is both the process of "recording" and the set of ideas which surround and inform that process.

Recordism was found(ed) in Truro, Nova Scotia, Dec. 5, 1984.


The Recordists

The Recordists are a multi-disciplinary art collective based in Toronto, Canada. The collective consists of the artist couple W.A.Davison and S.Higgins along with various friends and collaborators. The group operates largely within the vaguely defined territories of various music and art subcultures, a.k.a. "the underground" - a zone which affords the highest degree of creative freedom.

In addition to producing their own solo work, Davison and Higgins are dedicated networkers and place a high priority on collaboration. Over the course of 40 years, The Recordists have forged hundreds of friendships and collaborative relationships. The Recordists have associations with many underground networks and scenes such as mail art, performance art, experimental film, alternative art, Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, Neoism, The Church Of The Subgenius, T.O.P.Y., Situationist International, free improvisation, poetry and experimental literature, science fiction fandom, queercore, anarchists, pataphysicians, cassette culture, netlabels, and various punk, post-punk, noise, industrial, and experimental music networks.


Points of Departure

1) Dada, Surrealism, The Fantastic.

2) Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Underground, DIY culture. Experimental art, music, film, etc.

3) Magick and the Occult.


Some Documents:

"What Is Recordism?"

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Songs of the New Erotics, 7a*11d Festival

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W.A.Davison, Muhmur Radio/Remuhmuration Blog, UK, July 6 - 2023

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Acker Awards Toronto (S.Higgins recipient) - 2019

Acker Awards Toronto (W.A.Davison recipient) - 2018

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Excerpt from Constructive Anarchy - Building Infrastructutres Of Resistance by Jeff Shantz - 2016

Excerpts from Caleidoscopio Surrealista - 2015

"The Perfervid Underbelly Of Recordism" by Steve Venright - 2013

Excerpt from Soundplay - 2013

The Living Archive Of Underground Music - 2011

Six Heads in The Wire "Sleeves Received" - 2011

Hydrolith article excerpt - 2010

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Pleasure Dome Roughage event (Zev Asher et al) - 2001

Melting Clock Interview - 2000

The First Recordist Improvisational Cinema, Pleasure Dome - 2000

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The G. Grosz Garden Nitrate (I.B.R.I. Bulletin #2) - 1999

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